NFL 2005 Draft: Pick Number two hundred 200 - Chris Myers, Denver Broncos

Chris Myers was the number two hundred 200 pick of the 2005 NFL Draft. Chris Myers went to the Denver Broncos as a guard. Round 6 pick 26. Two hundredth.

Chris Myers went to Miami.

This is what Miami said about him:

He shifted to right guard in 2004 spring drills, but spent the season playing out of position at right tackle when injuries hit the UM front wall. Myers went on to post 62 knockdowns and allowed only 2.5 sacks for the season. He closed out his career with 38 consecutive starts.

How tall is Chris Myers: 6 feet 4 inches

How much does Chris Myers weigh: 300 pounds

What is Chris Myers' hometown: Miami, FL

What high school did NAME go to: Palmetto High School

What is Chris Myers' birthdate: September 15, 1981 - 9/15/81