The Business Side of Tiger Woods' 16th Hole Masters Tournament Shot

Even if you don't follow golf you've probably seen the incredible shot Tiger Woods made on the 16th hole at the Masters Tournament. Watching live was an incredible experience and one I will cherish for a long time. The ball seemed to freeze on the lip of the cup only to be nudged into the hole by the collective will of the crowd.

This is an excellent business opportunity for Nike, Tiger Woods' golf sponsor, but will they take it?

There are two obstacles for Nike at this point:

  1. They don't own the footage. The Master's Tournament owns the footage and they have been known to be very selective in letting advertisers use their footage.
  2. Trying to do do better than the original. The shot is perfect. Gorgeous. The only change you could make is the centering the swoosh logo. If Nike messes too much with the shot it'll affect consumer's perceptions.

Joseph Jaffe put together a quick spot and it's close to perfect. I'd change the audio and emphasize the crowd, but other than that it's right on.

Will Nike take advatantage of this? Yes. Chris Mike of Nike said it won't be too soon, though:

We don't think it needs to be out there right now. With the media covering this story, we have some time.

I disagree. They should be capturing this as soon as possible to imprint themselves to the moment. I guess Nike should take their own medicine: Just do it.